Powering the online ticket distribution industry


Rebuild existing multiple legacy systems into a proprietary web-based highly performant data-grid to generate new revenue growth opportunities.


Inventory management platform ensuring scalability and automation within distributed architecture that optimizes ticket prices to meet dynamic market conditions.

DTI Platform - screen

Crafting a scalable platform for ticket distribution

DTI Management is a US company backed by one of the largest private equity firms in the world. The company is at the forefront of the live event ticketing industry - leveraging proprietary technology to reinvent how over a billion dollars of concert, sport, and theater tickets get into the hands of the fans.

Having more customers than they could reasonably handle with existing technology they looked for an experienced software partner to address the need for scalability with the proven technology stack. With the existing inventory management system designed as a centralized ticket distribution platform they needed to move towards high-performance data distribution using distributed systems.

AS DTI and 1Ticket have struggled with their legacy tools that required them to use up to 6 different applications to manage tickets, create items and monitor sales they wanted to build a highly performant data-grid with real-time data updates, bulk operations, customizable layouts and user created predefined filters that speeds up data access.

Some of the challenges to build a platform that scales without limit

  • leverage cutting-edge technology
  • design a new distributed architecture
  • ensure real-time marketplace integration
  • rebuild frontend to increased usability and convenience
Process and Project Scope

Client specific methodology for flexibility and simplicity

We started our collaboration with Software Architecture & API consultancy delivered by one of our Tech Experts. After discussing issues related to distributed systems architecture, together with the client we decided to stay with Ember. After setting up a team of developers we started to create the client’s dreamed Inventory Management System based on provided functionality specification.

Business Value

Dynamic inventory management and yield maximization

Together with the DTI team we rebuilt their multiple legacy systems into a proprietary web-based platform that enables tickets to be priced and distributed dynamically through the most efficient and effective channels. The whole system consists of two parts, a DTI management inventory platform helping users to price and share hundreds of marketplaces instantly and 1Ticket cloud-based ticketing solution that automates the listing and fulfillment process.

As a multi-sided platform the solution is meant both for rights holders like artists or teams and various kinds of ticket sellers. The latter gets technology, tools and community to streamline their operations and maximize profit. Rights holders can maximize distribution and ticketing revenue while ensuring brand integrity.

Powered with a simple design with excellent data analytics the IMS platform helps users optimize ticket prices to meet dynamic market conditions and generate new customer leads, upsells and other revenue growth opportunities.

With most extensive primary marketplace support available (over 500 primaries) and integration with key POS platforms the DTI solution ensures

  • elimination of double sales with real-time marketplace integration
  • intelligent order processing to sell on more marketplaces
  • fully automatic purchase downloading
  • ticket creation (pdf, ticketfast and mobile formats)
  • automatic mobile transfer delivery
  • brand integrity with custom templates
  • accessible APIs to build clients own transfer service
Technology stack

Scalability and automation within distributed architecture

DTI skeleton app was already made in Ember.js, so as one of the top Ember.js companies we were responsible for redesigning, simplifying and scaling the existing inventory management system. Ember along with Ag-grid have let us create performant and manageable platform for both desktop and mobile devices.